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Driving and boating under the influence: what you need to know from Sarasota Criminal Defense Lawyer Ken Poole


Driving and boating under the influence of alcohol was the topic of a recent presentation made to yachting enthusiasts by Attorney Kenneth M. Poole, Jr., a partner with the Sarasota law firm of Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer. At the Yacht Rodders Club meeting, held November 10, 2016, at the Sarasota .. read more

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Sarasota Family and Criminal Law Attorney Kenneth Poole Named Partner at Syprett Meshad

Ken Poole

Family and criminal law attorney Kenneth M. Poole Jr., has been named a partner in the Sarasota law firm of Syprett Meshad. Attorney Poole joined the firm in 2009, and has focused his practice on assisting clients in a wide variety of marital, divorce, and domestic related issues including child custody and child support issues. .. read more

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Florida Ruling Puts Same Sex Couples on Even Plane in Divorce


On April 24, 2015, the Florida 2nd District Court of Appeals, in the case of Brandon-Thomas v Brandon-Thomas, held that a Florida court can take jurisdiction over a same-sex couple’s divorce case. Danielle and Krista were legally married in Massachusetts in 2012, and subsequently moved to Florida. Danielle filed a petition for dissolution of marriage .. read more

Florida same-sex marriage: legal considerations for same-sex couples

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Today, January 6, 2015, marks the first day on which same sex marriage licenses may be legally issued in Florida; and the right to marry is now being exercised by same-sex couples throughout the state. These marriages will provide the same legal status and protections to same-sex couples as have been available to married couples .. read more

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Attorney Ken Poole celebrates his five-year anniversary with Syprett Meshad

Kenneth M. Poole, Jr.

Attorney Ken Poole, an Associate with Syprett Meshad, celebrates his five-year anniversary with the firm in December. Mr. Poole’s practice is devoted to the areas of family and criminal law. He assists clients in a wide variety of marital, divorce, and domestic related issues including: child custody, child support, alimony, paternity, domestic violence injunctions, post-judgment .. read more

Cell Phone Contents Privacy Upheld by Supreme Court

Kenneth M. Poole, Jr.

The US Supreme Court recently took the privacy of a person’s cell phone one step further: requiring a warrant before law enforcement can obtain any information from a cell phone. Two cases were before the Court. The first involved a search of a flip phone found on a man arrested on suspicion of selling cocaine. .. read more

Ruling Protects Privacy of Cell Phone Location Data


With the current media and public attention currently being paid to the issues of privacy for governments and individuals, the recent ruling that the government and police may not obtain a person’s cell phone location data without a warrant, is of significant interest. The June 11, 2014 ruling was made by the United States Court .. read more

Supreme Court Allows Traffic Stops Based on Anonymous Tips

starting car

As a result of an April Supreme Court decision in the case of Navarette v. California, it is now legal for a law enforcement officer to pull a driver over based solely on an anonymous tip, even if the officer does not observe any further evidence of criminal activity prior to stopping the driver. That .. read more

Attorney Kenneth M. Poole, Jr., Talks Law at Lakeview Elementary

sarasota county school

Earlier this month, attorney Kenneth M. Poole, Jr., participated in Sarasota County Lakeview Elementary’s annual Law Week, which included a mock trial in the case of Goldilocks v. the Three Bears. Law Week 2014 marked the third year Poole has taken part in the program. “It’s a great opportunity for students to interact with an .. read more

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DUI License Suspension and Business Purposes Only Licenses

Kenneth M. Poole, Jr.

Automobile drivers who are facing a first-time suspension for a breath test over .08 or for refusing to take the breath test have an option available to them that many do not know: Those drivers can waive their right to a formal review of their suspension in exchange for obtaining Business Purposes Only license with .. read more