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Landlord / Tenant Litigation

The rights of Landlords and Tenants in Florida are governed primarily by the Florida Landlord/Tenant Statute and the terms of the Lease, if any, between the parties. Commercial Landlord/Tenant law is different from residential Landlord/Tenant law in many significant ways. In foreclosure actions, the rights of tenants in possession are governed by a relatively newly enacted Federal law which protects the rights of tenants in possession of properties being foreclosed. Much like Florida’s Construction Lien Law Statute, the Florida Landlord/Tenant statute is very detailed and strictly construed by the Courts. Time frames and notice requirements are very specific and must be precisely followed. Even the most seemingly inconsequential non-compliance with small details of the Statute can lead to undesirable and sometimes inequitable results for both Landlords and Tenants. As such, it is imperative that both Landlords and Tenants know the proper governing law and procedures to ensure that their rights are protected in any landlord/tenant litigation. The Landlord/Tenant attorneys at Syprett Meshad are knowledgeable in the relevant governing Landlord/Tenant laws and can assist both Landlords and Tenants in all aspects of Landlord/Tenant law, including the legal technicalities involved in the residential and commercial eviction and foreclosure process.