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General Real Estate Litigation

Florida real estate law has a deep and rich history that is very protective of individual property owner rights, especially the right of homestead. In fact, the laws of the State of Florida are perhaps the most expansive homestead protections of any State in this great nation. Any real estate litigation case (whether being prosecuted or defended) is impacted by various current and historical Florida Statutes, the Florida Constitution, common law principles, and Florida case law history dating back to the early 1900s. If the matter involves a contract, the terms of the contract at issue will also play a central role in the litigation. The Real Estate Litigation department at Syprett Meshad is experienced in handling many different types of real estate litigation including, but not limited to, general real estate contract litigation, specific performance, homestead litigation, mortgage and other real estate fraud, predatory lending, title insurance coverage disputes, breach of contract, real estate deposit disputes, construction law matters, easements, property boundary/survey disputes and partition cases.