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Post-Dissolution Modification

Once a dissolution of marriage is finalized, either through a marital settlement agreement ultimately accepted by the court or after a final judgment following trial, the parties are obligated to comply with their agreement and judgment of the court. The agreement or judgment may require one party or the other to pay monies for alimony, child support, or otherwise. These support obligations may be subject to modification. When there has been substantial, material, involuntary change in the circumstances or financial abilities of the parties which is unanticipated and permanent in nature, either party may seek an order of the court modifying his or her financial obligations. Such an action is commonly referred to as a modification case.

Many times people suffer a change in circumstances or financial abilities which necessitate a modification. To avoid arrearages in support or facing the possibility of contempt, a party who has suffered a change in circumstances and can no longer afford to meet their financial obligations should pursue a modification case. Our Family Law lawyers can assist you in determining whether it is appropriate for you to pursue a modification case and to assist you in obtaining the appropriate relief from the court.