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Disestablishment of Paternity

Under prevailing Florida law, there is an established procedure for a person to disestablish paternity and terminate child support obligations. Generally, to successfully disestablish paternity, a parent must show, amongst other things, that they have newly discovered evidence that they are not the father of the child at issue, that paternity test shows they are not and cannot be the father of the child at issue, and that they are current on any child support obligations previously imposed in regard to the child. Florida Statute 742.18 sets out the criteria necessary for the disestablishment of paternity. This statute, amongst other things, lists a number of actions that, if taken after finding out that you are not the father of the child at issue, will disqualify you from disestablishing paternity. This makes it vital that you immediately contact one of our experienced Family Law lawyers to discuss your specific case as soon as you become concerned whether you are actually the father of a child at issue.