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Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge is a stressful and possibly life altering situation. How your criminal case is handled may dictate how you are impacted for years to come. Every criminal case is different and an experienced attorney may be the key to navigating the court system and ensuring that your rights are protected.

Ken Poole heads the criminal defense division for the firm and handles cases ranging from traffic tickets to felony charges. Mr. Poole is a member of the Florida Bar and is licensed to practice before all Florida State Courts. He is also a member of the Sarasota County Bar Association and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. As a former prosecutor Mr. Poole handled cases in the felony division in Manatee County and in the misdemeanor and juvenile divisions in Sarasota County. Mr. Poole then entered private practice successfully defending a wide range of cases from DUI and traffic offenses to property and drug crimes. His trial experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney provides a well rounded perspective in the negotiations, motions, trials and hearings he conducts for his clients today as a defense attorney. If you are facing a criminal charge you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss how you may protect your rights. Call our office today for a free consultation on your criminal case: 941-365-7171.

Syprett Meshad’s criminal defense division handles a wide range of cases, including: